​named by Endo Sensei

About Juntenkai

Aikido Juntenkai, founded in 2014.  Named by Endo Seishiro Shihan, ‘Junten’ may be interpreted as “to follow the sky”.

The dojo’s mission is to practice harmony and non-force, through the exploration of ‘Junten’.  We are the only dojo in Hong Kong following the teachings of Endo Shihan and Shimizu Shihan.

During keiko practice, we question ourselves “What does it mean to be strong?” “What is Aiki?”.  These difficult questions addressed by our two Shihans lies as the core theme of our day-to-day practice. Our members interested in these questions gather for morning keiko, evening keiko, self-tailored classes scheduled to their own time.
Aikido does not rely on the use of strength, allowing people of all ages and sex to practice together.
There are members who carry injuries from previous Budo and Aikido schools, with some members even quiting practice.  However, they’ve decided to start Aikido at our dojo once again with Endo Shihan’s keiko method which does not rely on the use of strength.
We are a humble small dojo. If you are interested in Aikido, please feel free to contact us.

We also welcome anyone to our trial classes.


Our dojo holds Kyu-grading and Dan-grading examinations twice a year. Application for examinations would depend upon the individuals process in keiko practice.


Regular classes would be led by instructors from the dojo. Special classes would be led by Shihans from Japan on an irregular basis.
Instructors frequently attend Endo Shihan’s Japan and Overseas seminars for training. Members may also attend on these seminars.
The dojo also organizes annual Exchange-keiko classes, where fellow Endo schools’ instructors and members from abroad would visit Hong Kong to hold classes together.


合気道 順天会 は遠藤征四郎師範から名前をいただいて2014年に道場を開いたまだ若い道場です。